About The Web Agents

The Web Agents began publishing on Thursday, June 14th but is itself an extension of my Twitter interaction (Follow me on twitter here!)

In the months following the death of Andrew Breitbart in 2012, it seems that there is a great truth regarding the need for conservatives to become more involved in the process and the dialogue- "stepping up," if you will. At that time I swore to step up, and refuse to be intimidated -or even accept as fruitless- the need for defense for the Conservative idea.

I am not a journalist in any traditional sense, but I'm snoopy, intractable, dogged, opinionated, and lastly well skilled in the Internet technologies. I love looking for things and making logical connections. Mind you, everything I look for is legal- no security cracks or bypasses, no MySQL injection attacks, no backdoor or password guesses. Because I believe process matters, and that the ends don't justify the means. Those that claim otherwise revel in the power they wish to inflict over others.

Therefore, the goal of this site is to call out Progressive invective, to stick to the truth even when the desired outcome goes against political orthodoxy, defend those being subjected to the heavy gauntlet of censorship- and have a grand ol' time doing it.