Brett Kimberlin Scraping the Bottom of the Peace Order Barrel [UPDATED]

Witnessing someone devolve into self parody can bring about a sense of schadenfreude, if it didn't involve other people. In this case the other person is a man named John Norton of Virginia during a recent commute in Maryland.

Consider the amount of random bad luck a random guy must feel he's accumulated by seeing a man and girl in a car, driving erratically, being tailgated, getting flipped off (actually, Norton's response said "obscene gesture"- I'm not going to opt with one of the myriad somaticisms Italian cab drivers are fond of doling out in traffic) and then being accosted when Mr. Norton takes video to document the encounter.

One wonders if Kimberlin has a stack of peace orders all filled out and ready to go, with a fill-in-blank method just waiting for someone's name. He claims that Norton was on his property taking pictures, and began a car chase -with his daughter in the vehicle (Nice parenting, champ!)- to get the license information.

Aaron Walker's Allergic2Bull has the story, as well as the complaint and response embedded from ScibD. Thanks also to Bob Belvedere's The Camp of the Saints for the clue-in.


Oh! Something I missed earlier. The final disposition of the peace order against Mr. Norton is being held this morning at 8:30 Eastern time. So by the time I post this it ought to be going on now. Thanks TheOtherMcCain for keeping me on track.

As an aside, Mr Kidd has got some nice work- huge cash from liberal donors, all this time to be walking into police stations and filing motions, what a life. I bet he uses threats of judicial action against his shrubs so they'll trim themselves.

Kimberlin / Rauhauser Roundup

I normally don't post unless I have something either significant to add or at least putting some extra analysis of, but I wanted to forward you all on to a pair of posts.

One is Bob Belvedere's Ring Around the Rauhauser post. A lot of it is minutiae and documentary stuff, but for those interested it is basically a document dump of evidence, and a must-read to see how in depth the attempts at framing conservatives of, shall we say, bad behavior.

The second is from Aaron Walker, one of the central players (and indeed, targets) in this three act farce Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd have been performing. It's called Exclusive: Convicted Terrorist Brett Kimberlin's Associate Neal Rauhauser's Attempt to Manufacture the Appearance of a Conspiracy. Much as the tactics outlined in my post here, this goes into detail on one instance where Rauhauser tries to goad Walker into making contact with former HB Gary and other internet security professionals.

The Strange Pairing of Brett Kimberlin and Become.com [UPDATED, RETRACTED]


Yesterday (June 26, 2012) I received an email from the offices of Become.com claiming that they had no knowledge of hosting with Brett Kimberlin or any of his associates, and had been using a different domain host. This was the first actual contact I had received from them from first attempting to get comment from them. I waited a week and a half for that comment, and none forthcoming, I published the story "The Strange Pairing of Brett Kimberlin and Become.com," which occupied this space.

I requested permission to publish their objection to the story yesterday, but they declined. But part of the explanation given was that the search cache of the Reverse DNS tool on YouGetSignal.com was outdated or in error, causing the false association of Become.com and sub-property Exava.com with Kimberlin's web operations.

I sent out an email to YouGetSignal.com in an effort to confirm this claim, and indeed the proprietor told me they had been in contact with Become.com and verified that the results were faulty as claimed.

As I have received this secondary confirmation, I have taken the unusual step of removing and retracting the story as there is no correlation with Become.com and Kimberlin & Co.

I regret the error.