A Quick Statement on Chick-Fil-A.

I supported Chick Fil A yesterday. Because of one stand or another? No. Because the mayor and councilman on Chicago stated that they will not allow a business with -whatever- stand they don't agree with exist in Chicago. If you think I took this stand because of hatred toward gays, you don't know me very well. At all.

You had two public officials, one threatening the zoning of a new Chick-Fil-A if the franchise-ees didn't sign a document promising not to support groups and political interests disliked by those in charge, and Rahm Emanuel stating that Chick-Fil-A had no place in Chicago because they didn't have "Chicago Values." If this isn't a blatant, fascistic first amendment violation if there ever was one, I'll eat my VPN router.

We Are Conservatives. We Are Minion

Suck it, Libs.


The Maher Complaint, Second Verse- Same As the First [UPDATED]

It must be nice living in someone's head, rent free. Ask Aaron Walker.

I'd been examining the Maryland court databases for a short period of time and I saw the criminal complaint Brett Kimberlin had filed on someone named Martin Maher. Listed there as telephone harassment, and without the quicker access to the actual criminal complaint others do, I set it aside. I figured that it might or might not be anything other than Mr. Kidd doing what Mr. Kidd does, albeit to other people not related to the political repression campaign that currently is motivating my interest.

Lo and behold Aaron Walker digs up the actual complaint. Sure as the sun rises out of Kimberlin's ass (as assuredly at least one person in America believes), it's slathered in Walker-related hysteria.

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