The Strange Pairing of Brett Kimberlin and Become.com [UPDATED, RETRACTED]


Yesterday (June 26, 2012) I received an email from the offices of Become.com claiming that they had no knowledge of hosting with Brett Kimberlin or any of his associates, and had been using a different domain host. This was the first actual contact I had received from them from first attempting to get comment from them. I waited a week and a half for that comment, and none forthcoming, I published the story "The Strange Pairing of Brett Kimberlin and Become.com," which occupied this space.

I requested permission to publish their objection to the story yesterday, but they declined. But part of the explanation given was that the search cache of the Reverse DNS tool on YouGetSignal.com was outdated or in error, causing the false association of Become.com and sub-property Exava.com with Kimberlin's web operations.

I sent out an email to YouGetSignal.com in an effort to confirm this claim, and indeed the proprietor told me they had been in contact with Become.com and verified that the results were faulty as claimed.

As I have received this secondary confirmation, I have taken the unusual step of removing and retracting the story as there is no correlation with Become.com and Kimberlin & Co.

I regret the error.


The Long Game of Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd

I've been following the doings of Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser for some months now, and while there has been episode after episode of lawfare tactic, invective, and intimidation going on, at some point someone has to ask, "What's the point?" Actually, several people have, but none gets closer to reducing it all down to saucy glory than R. S. McCain's recent article Conspiracy Theorist ‘Qritiq’ Conspires Against Neal Rauhauser’s Targets. It's definitely worth the read, and I'm basing a lot of it from there. So go and read there, and come on back. It's OK. I'll wait.

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Dear Mister Kimberlin

I am addressing this post to Mr. Brett C. Kimberlin, and by extension, Mr. Neal Rauhauser.

You don't know me, but my name is Flynn.

Earlier today, after a series of weeks where Aaron Walker underwent without his full enjoyment of his constitutional right to free speech, a court judge in Rockville, MD temporarily restored that right to speak the truth of your past and your current associations and methods.

I understand you don't like this. Tough shit. Sometimes the consequences of one's actions extend beyond prison sentences and probation officers. I am, of course, talking about reputation. It is our duty (and in my case, pleasure) to tell the truth about your past and that of your associates.

Certainly Mr. Rauhauser has a modicum of experience with computer operations, as do I. TOR clients and public terminals are nice, and 'clean' VMs will only go so far in hiding the electronic links you leave every time you try something. But I believe that even you know you can't cover every eventuality. At some point you're going to screw up. An unguarded social media session; an "Oh shit, I thought I had the Onion router networking turned on" moment, and we will catch you. Yes, this unknown guy with the Irish name will be grinning ear to ear with a log file, a GeoIP service and an email distribution list to a variety of heavy-hitter legal representation that already knows you all too well.

Please do not make the mistake of thinking I am making any physical or financial threats against you. I don't play that way. I will get far more satisfaction putting you in your place by following the rules and laws of our American culture when I know you, yourself and your acolytes bend and break each law- as it will never get you ahead in this game you started

There is the possibility that it is not me who ultimately is able to put the pieces together of what I believe is a criminal conspiracy charge. Certainly I can't prove it, yet, but that's the whole point of this, isn't it? Yes, I am forwarding my suspicions here, and they are not proven. (This statement is intended for all others who might be reading this missive- Mr. Kimberlin, Mr. Rauhauser and other associates I believe are behind this have not been found to have participated in any wrongdoing past Mr. Kimberlin's illustrious history as a bomber, impersonator of a federal officer, conspiracy to possess marijuana with intent to distribute, illegal use of the Department of Defense insignia, illegal use of the President of the United States, and then revocation of parole for non-payment of judgements.)

However, after this evening's SWATting of Aaron Walker, hours after simply being able to speak, my attentions have been piqued. Moreover, I daresay the authorities don't like being strung along as well. I believe the perpetrators of this crime stepped over one line too many. And Discovery with subpoena power, is as they say, a bitch.

But even if it's not me who ends up getting the right answer to the math, I'll be just as happy. Because the goal is ultimately showing you that for every one of us that some Lib figures he has scared into remaining quiet (and I seriously doubt the efficacy of that) There will be more who will stand up and shout what you don't want people to know from the rooftops. But the perpetrators of this crime have a lot worse than me to worry about. Journalists, researchers, lawyers, and now the attentions of law enforcement and legislators are now clueing in to the situation, and these people are tenacious past the point of sanity. And even they aren't the biggest threat. Those would be the victims of the SWATting who now have motivation that would make Thomas Edison think they needed to take a break. If the people who have already lost the most of anyone in this affair, I can damn sure assist in whatever meager way I can. That's the funny part, really- All in all I'm a nobody in this fight; and the perpetrators of this crime has my full attention.

So run, little electronic cockroach. Run.