This is Not Your Father's Political Repression

The last month has been a really volatile one for social media Conservatives. If you're reading this blog you're likely well familiar with the Neal Rauhauser / Brett Kimberline / SWATting / Lawfare issue has taken on a life of it's own. Lawsuits and appeals on all sides, new Legislative branch interest in the matter and law enforcement attention (where local law enforcement is even capable of investigating generally multi-jurisdictional crimes) are finally cresting the ridge and seeing the valley of first amendment crime below.

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Good News, In Brief [Updated]

Aaron Walker was in court with Brett Kimberlin, and despite the smell walked away with a dismissal of violation of peace order charge from the arrest after Walker's appearance in front of Judge Vaughey. Thanks ever so much to Mandy Nagy for passing along the good news. We're still trying to find out if there is any bearing on the Gag order imposed. But until then it's decent headway.

More as it becomes available.

LegalInsurrection reports that the gag order is still in effect; I suspected as much since the arrest that was made at Vaughey's hearing didn't have any bearing on why he was arrested, so orders made there wouldn't be addressed by this hearing. Hopefully Walker's attorney is pursuing this as well.

Kimberlin & Rauhauser Reprovision Web Operations

Last week, Dan Collins at Conservative Commune was kind enough to let me guest post a small piece of investigative material concerning Brett Kimberlin's web operations and a company called Become.com that was hosting on Kimberlin's account. Briefly, amongst all of the lefty smearsites, Velvet Revolution and Justice Through Music Project sites, a somewhat respected national (indeed, global) retailer was there utilizing his online presence.

After some inquiries that were never returned to the company, I reached out to some of the investors who might have been interested to know of their client's involvement with such an individual. Now, I have yet to receive a direct response from TPG or TransCosmos did the trick; apparently in the last day or two Kimberlin, Rauhauser and the Become.com IT staff have been busy dispersing their sites around the net.

Now, Become.com and it's sub-property Exava.com has taken on it's own on a shared plan with a list of other unrelated sites. Which is to be expected. 

So at least there's that- whenever you want to see something happen, 'follow the money' as Hal Holbrook said. And although this detail means precious little on the outcome of all of this Kimberlin / Lawfare / SWATting mess, if I gave them a headache for an hour or two and possibly relieve them of some hosting money, 

Yer welcome, Juicebox.