Kimberlin's Fight is Nearly Over

With the filing of court motions and investigations carried out by more primary actors in the entire Brett Kimberlin / Neal Rauhauser story, I haven't been compelled to post in areas that are, admittedly, not my forte. But I can't help but chime in with a bit of a few words that might be a bright spot on the horizon.

Hogewash.com has done a yoeman's job in the past weeks following up on the ins and outs of all the judicial wrangling going on in the cases. The most recent posting involves the followup past the deadline of a court order for Mr. Kimberlin to produce discovery materials, due last Friday.

Apparently, Hogewash believes from the content of those documents that weren't sealed by the court that Kimby didn't produce the necessary materials that were requested. Indeed, although several items were detailed to be produced, each answer was a repetitive denial, using arguments already rehashed and discarded.

Again, for those that haven't followed me (or followed me much), I have made it plainly obvious that I am not a lawyer and have no training of any type in law. In fact, you're better of consulting the contents of your refrigerator produce bin than asking me legal advice. Yet I can't help tossing out an item or two I surmise might be the case. So, again, the following are simply my suspicions; I have no evidence to show any wrongdoing- legal, criminal or otherwise. But enough said on that.

Many years ago I saw the movie All the President's Men. I did think it was a neat show, but I did learn something about scandals- follow the money. It's helped quite a bit in identifying motive where other explanations seem to be absent. Obviously others share a similar interest when it comes to Kimberlin and friends.
He's been fighting tooth and nail to keep his finances and communications covered, even though he has been called out and rebuked by the judge for exactly this sort of conduct. What could be worse than being found in contempt, slapped with sanctions and the possibility of forensic audits, seizures of computers by court officers, personal records and subpoenas to ISPs laying claim to all of your grist?

Plenty, actually.

For those who haven't delved too deep in the weeds, Kimberlin has been running a non-profit corporation for several years. Not a crime, obviously, but the paperwork required to be filed on a regular basis is, um- sparse.

In it's recorded six year history, the Justice Through Music Project has averaged over $350,000 a year (no records exist in Guidestar for the 2011 year). Given that I am not aware of any actual expenditure for legitimate charitable contributions from the JTMP to other groups or expenses for outreach programs that are supposedly it's reason for existence, what is this money for?

The amounts from year to year are rather similar, leading me to believe that the benefactors of Mr. Kimberlin is a static group, and that they are satisfied with the performance of whatever service JTMP provides.

Considering his background as a bomber, drug dealer and perjurer, being supported by partisan groups lends me to wonder if he performing work that wouldn't look good on a tax form. If this is the case, there might be very good reason to think that Kimberlin might think taking a hit for contempt charges is a good swap.

So is it online consulting? Political repression? Something else?

The court is on the road to finding out. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen in the coming weeks, I think. Keep an eye on Allergic2bull.blogspot.com, Hogewash.com and TheOtherMcCain.com.

Economic Things I "Learned" From Twitter Marxists

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Chick-Fil-A and the First Amendment

The following is an argument I was having on Facebook. I have always kept my personal and online political profiles quite separate, and for this reason I have stripped out personal info and the identities of the other individuals in the debate to protect their own privacy. But I thought I laid out a pretty good argument on 1st Amendment grounds, and rather than rehash the whole thing I thought I would present it in the form it appeared.

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