Kimberlin & Rauhauser Reprovision Web Operations

Last week, Dan Collins at Conservative Commune was kind enough to let me guest post a small piece of investigative material concerning Brett Kimberlin's web operations and a company called Become.com that was hosting on Kimberlin's account. Briefly, amongst all of the lefty smearsites, Velvet Revolution and Justice Through Music Project sites, a somewhat respected national (indeed, global) retailer was there utilizing his online presence.

After some inquiries that were never returned to the company, I reached out to some of the investors who might have been interested to know of their client's involvement with such an individual. Now, I have yet to receive a direct response from TPG or TransCosmos did the trick; apparently in the last day or two Kimberlin, Rauhauser and the Become.com IT staff have been busy dispersing their sites around the net.

Now, Become.com and it's sub-property Exava.com has taken on it's own on a shared plan with a list of other unrelated sites. Which is to be expected. 

So at least there's that- whenever you want to see something happen, 'follow the money' as Hal Holbrook said. And although this detail means precious little on the outcome of all of this Kimberlin / Lawfare / SWATting mess, if I gave them a headache for an hour or two and possibly relieve them of some hosting money, 

Yer welcome, Juicebox.