The Maher Complaint, Second Verse- Same As the First [UPDATED]

It must be nice living in someone's head, rent free. Ask Aaron Walker.

I'd been examining the Maryland court databases for a short period of time and I saw the criminal complaint Brett Kimberlin had filed on someone named Martin Maher. Listed there as telephone harassment, and without the quicker access to the actual criminal complaint others do, I set it aside. I figured that it might or might not be anything other than Mr. Kidd doing what Mr. Kidd does, albeit to other people not related to the political repression campaign that currently is motivating my interest.

Lo and behold Aaron Walker digs up the actual complaint. Sure as the sun rises out of Kimberlin's ass (as assuredly at least one person in America believes), it's slathered in Walker-related hysteria.

Without any previous mention of any parallel or connection to Aaron Walker, we get this final summation at the bottom of the complaint:

...As if the desk officer is supposed to know who Aaron Walker is. He's not mentioned in the complaint.

I won't go into all of the legal problems and faults that his complaint has, I'll let the lawyer do that; but I think it's about time to tie together known modes of conduct with Mr. Kidd's possible tactical objectives.

  • A series of peace orders, filed at midnight, naming Walker for harassment. 
  • Kimberlin whips out a sheaf of paper purported to be tens of thousands of harassing items from Walker and others and sets them in front of Judge Vaughey, which are never examined. And in truth, looking back through timelines and internet archives, never seen anything that would qualify as a threat coming from Walker. Ergo, that "evidence" is either doctored, contrived, misrepresented or made up out of whole cloth.
  • After an appeal, Walker gets SWATted merely hours later.
  • Kimberlin associate Neal Rauhauser, under pseudonym Gaped Crusader gets popped by Patterico (Patrick Frey) manufacturing evidence of violence against Judge Vaughey under the guise of Patterico.
  • Martin Maher accused of stalking Kimberlin; both file peace orders.
  • Kimberlin's complaint against Maher details his collection of voice mails (it isn't stated from what form). It is unknown if the voice mails came from the phone service provider and can be independently verified.
  • Kimberlin provides a list of four calls on one day -May 29, all occurring between 4:28 and 4:30pm (Damn, that Maher guy is fast!) It's not stated where the he pulled this log from, or whether it can be independently confirmed (actual phone bill record, etc.)

 Is there the possibility that someone (Mr. Maher) thinks he is doing walker a favor by intervening or harassing Kimberlin on Walker's behalf? Certainly, it's possible. We'll let the evidence speak for itself- but that evidence has a lot of hurdles to go through. I'm not thinking this is the case here.

With the known willingness to manufacture evidence, and with the desired outcome of manufacturing conspiracy charges against Walker and many other people, this is likely another episode of the Long Game of Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd.

My advice (non-legal!) to Mr. Maher is to not take anything Mr. Kidd presents as evidence as anything of the sort. It has every chance of being cooked up like some Arkansas meth.

God, this dude needs another hobby. 

PS: Some would argue that I need one myself. /f 



Forgot to mention that Kimberlin's busy social schedule is in another Maryland courtroom on Peace Order charges against a man for driving by his house. I shit thee not.

John Norton is acting as (defendant? Respondant? I'm no lawyer) similarly has accused a commuter of "stalking" him. The hearing was this morning, but I'm still looking for results on that outcome.

But it wouldn't be a KimberPalooza without throwing Walker into the mix: