Kimberlin / Rauhauser Roundup

I normally don't post unless I have something either significant to add or at least putting some extra analysis of, but I wanted to forward you all on to a pair of posts.

One is Bob Belvedere's Ring Around the Rauhauser post. A lot of it is minutiae and documentary stuff, but for those interested it is basically a document dump of evidence, and a must-read to see how in depth the attempts at framing conservatives of, shall we say, bad behavior.

The second is from Aaron Walker, one of the central players (and indeed, targets) in this three act farce Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd have been performing. It's called Exclusive: Convicted Terrorist Brett Kimberlin's Associate Neal Rauhauser's Attempt to Manufacture the Appearance of a Conspiracy. Much as the tactics outlined in my post here, this goes into detail on one instance where Rauhauser tries to goad Walker into making contact with former HB Gary and other internet security professionals.