Aaron Walker Ungagged, Kimberlin Makes New Accusations

In a flurry of tweets this morning, Aaron Walker (@AaronWorthing on Twitter) glady announced that the peace order that included complete first amendment revocation in regards to Brett Kimberlin had been stayed by the Judge in Rockville, Maryland.

Good news all around, but what's unusual is that appearing by phone, Kimberlin layed in another series of accusations against Walker. We have yet to get the transcripts at this early hour or get details from Walker's attorney, Reginald Bours. Stacy McCain, as always, is on the case and will have updates when they happen. 

I have a personal expectation here, in that months of being gagged can lead to a desire to write up one hell of a column. Keep and eye on Allergic2Bull, Aaron's site, for a barnstormin' article.